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Humanity is facing a major challenge since our modern society is bringing lots of diseases  and obesity with is agian the comfort and happyness of the people.

To have a better society we need to have people in better health. 

The food industry is producing more and more wasting 40% of the production with a strong degradation of the quality, dangerous for health.
Now, in our modern society the poor are fat and the rich are slim !

The pharmaceutical industry agreed on low quality food production and agriculture as well.

Low quality food is poor in nutriments so we eat more and due to the chimical products we are using to grow the food we are becoming sick (Cancer etc ...). 

The big lie is to beleive that we are living longer in better ealth than before. We are living longer than middle age time that is sure but our life time in good health is reducing dramatically. Soon, the medication will start at your birthday.

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Food production is an issue today due to our system of production and distribution.
The production is becoming dangerous for health, the intensive farming and breeding in addition to the usage of so many chemicals are destroying our bodies so fast that we need to be under medication earlier and earlier. Chemical products and medicaments are affecting our body functions and drop us into terrible lives. So yes, we are increasing the life expectancy in modern countries, but with bad life conditions. This is why depressions and suicides are more in developed countries than emergence and poor countries.

We beleive that sending low quality food from 6'000 kms is a none sens, most of the food can grow locally without using any chimical products.  The profit is the King of our time, we should not accept to support that vision where few people gets extremely rich with a terrible collateral which is our health.

Distribution is also a main issue, we should consider to buy directly to the producer (organic only) to insure a quality of life for all.

Lets talk and exchange about this important subject in our Blog, do not hesitate to register and participate.





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