Nature should be our source of inspiration to create new materials

During the industrial revolution, the demand in construction materials always been more and more.
Our education system made things static by creating Engineers who learn the same things to be applied to life. That Education system who gave the power of decision to very few people (Engineers) totally destroyed the creativity and the possibility to change and improve the quality and the efficiency of our materials. 
The Engineer said so ...
so you have to apply according to ...

Thanks to the Digital Revolution who creates a new community with a totally different mindset, they do not depend on our materialistic society but more on what is efficient and logical. Communication tools allow that community (GEN-Y) which is 50% of the world population, to exchange their point of view and knowledge and get more results than and Engineering team in no time. Sharing knowledge always been more efficient that expert teams.

That means that things will move extremely fast in innovations and efficiency. The Nano technology will allow us to imitate Nature with more valuable eco-friendly solutions. We have to learn by observing the Nature how to create with no bad collateral on Nature.

We will talk and exchange about this important subject in our Blog, do not hesitate to register and participate.

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